Our Services:


We assist organizations of all sizes with their group benefits strategy. This involves advising on the design, and directing the implementation and on-going management of both group insurance plans and group retirement plans. Clients have access to a wide array of services:

  • Employee Benefits Plans
    • Benefits available include Life, Disability, Extended Healthcare, Dentalcare, Employee Assistance Programs, Foreign Worker coverage
  • Registered Pension Plans
  • Group Registered Retirement Savings plans
  • Individual Retirement Counseling

Our goal is to provide our clients with the optimal mix of PSP - product/service/price. You want a plan that fits with your strategic human resources objectives - a plan that provides the benefits employees require, with a high level of administrative service, at the fairest price. We perform an in-depth market analysis to achieve this goal.


For multi-employer association plans, we provide third party administrative services. TPA services include prompt and accurate claims adjudication and payment, billing, insurance carrier premium remittance, and plan member tracking.

For more information please contact us at benefits@lee-power.ca.